winter foliage
to my new blog. excuse me while i try to figure things out.

it’s funny. last year i moved twice and swore i would not be doing any more moving. yet here am i, moving this blog to a new provider. for a couple of good reasons, ads among them. i don’t benefit from them and they don’t really do anything to my blog other than be distracting. so hopefully this isn’t a bad move, and the only move i’ll be doing this year. 🙂

so what have i been up to lately? the new year started mostly with a nasty sinus infection, in which i hid from the world for about a week. and thank goodness, only a week. not very interesting, except i really do recommend a neti pot for sinus problems. so much more effective (though messier) than decongestants.

i like to think i started to feel more like a human being after having my first banana pudding of the year. i absolutely adore banana pudding, and it’s one of those things i can’t live without. and i was not supposed to have banana pudding, originally, because the kitchen had run out of it, but as it turned out, the chef appeared magically at the last minute and like a fairy godmother, she performed her magic, and lo and behold, a banana pudding infused with a bit of rum was bestowed on the counter (i love eating at watts grocery’s generous and double-thick counters, which contain old handwritten recipes and assorted memorabilia). and it was every bit creamy and puddin’ and vanilla (the wafers were freshly baked!) and best of all, no slimy meringue. oh, delish. oh, heaven. and it wasn’t even charged to our check.

then a friend clued me in about this month’s issue of gourmet, which was basically on southern cooking. i’ve been trying a lot of recipes from that issue, including creamy grits, slow roasted tomatoes (my now favorite method of cooking canned tomatoes), baked eggs, sweet potato casserole (using fresh apples/pecans/raisins instead of dried apples/chestnuts), and sugared blackberries (obtained frozen from farmers’ market). it’s all so good.

and yet… i’ve never made banana pudding. and i think that is the only resolution i’m making this year (everything else is just goals). seriously, i can’t think of a better resolution. banana pudding is my dessert of choice when i’m feeling bad and it never fails. it’s also my dessert of choice when i want to celebrate something. there is no way this resolution is going to end badly…i hope.

not a bad way to start a new year and a new blog, i think.

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4 Responses to welcome…

  1. j says:

    Cori looks at home here. 🙂

    I was thinking of you last night and went to check your blog. Up early this morning to clear snow, checked bloglines, and there you were!

    slow roasted tomatoes sound delicious

  2. shari says:

    love the new space eunice, and i cannot wait to try the banana pudding. watts grocery is so good.

  3. thruhike98 says:

    Welcome to your new place. I hope you enjoy it over here. 😉
    (Adds new RSS feed to reader…)

  4. fawn pea says:

    so lovely to meet a fellow banana pudding devotee. i am looking forward to following the delicious progress of your new year’s resolution!

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