films and a brief look at gardening

snow and frost

thank you so much for the welcoming comments. it’s good to be here. (and p.s. i have yet to find a good banana pudding recipe. i have, however, tried the vegetarian version of crusty buttermilk biscuits — substituting lard with butter– and I can tell you it is excellent, especially with sugared blackberries from last summer’s crop.)

outside is a frozen tundra (shhh, canadians, stop laughing at us) and the snow that fell over the weekend has turned into ice, thanks to a nice blast of arctic air. i’m not complaining too much as i’ve experienced much worse in boston (with a broken heater too) but hibernating under the covers until spring comes seems like a very good idea. thank goodness for knitted handwarmers (perfect for typing, taking pictures, and generally providing the trademark knitted warmth).

last week was rather busy, with guests and unwanted guests (namely bacteria/rhinovirii), and i didn’t get a chance to participate in beautiful film week hosted by abby. however, i do want to share some beautiful film recommendations, because i love these and because films are so good in the winter, especially under the blankets, in your jammies, and mugs of hot cocoa and tea. (or in my case, homemade macaroni and cheese with tater tots. yay comfort food).

Here’s my list:

The Illusionist– great plot, lovely cinematography, and everything a movie should be– love, magic, suspense, something for everyone.

Roman Holiday
– if there is one word to describe this movie, it would be ‘delightful.’ every time i watch this movie, i always wish the ending would be different, but then again, it wouldn’t be a holiday. plus, it’s got Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in it.

Flowers of Shanghai– The film is exceptionally lush, from cinematography to costuming (oh the jewelry…). While the film may be a little sad (it’s about courtesans and their trapped circumstances despite beauty and wealth around them), it’s just too pretty and well done not to watch.

Secret of Roan Inish
– if you’re a knitter dreaming of cold islands and fishermen sweaters, this is the movie for you. It’s got beautiful, sweeping view of the isles, and tells the story of a selkie.

After Life– If you could take one moment in your life with you forever after your death, what would it be? this movie is all about such moments in life and is tender, sweet, poignant and wistful.

Eat Drink Man Woman – I love everything about this movie — comedy, drama, a bit of tragedy (depending on your definition), and pre-food network, this was one of the early foodie films — there’s a great opening sequence where the chef is preparing a huge feast and it’s impossible not to want chinese food afterwards. This is one of those movies where you have to watch *after* eating, else you’ll get hungry.

Miss Potter
– the most recent beautiful film i’ve seen. tells about the remarkable story of beatrix potter, her books, her successes and failures, her love of nature. complete with beautiful shots of the land she bought to prevent it from being developed commercially.

My Neighbor Totoro – Hayao Miyazaki makes wonderful animated films, and this is my favorite. Two little girls have moved into a rural countryside neighborhood, and the movie is basically about their adventures with a mellow, umbrella wielding, acorn-hoarding forest spirit called Totoro.

and now for something else that gets me through the winter: my garden, showing signs of spring…just before the recent snow and frost. a peek for a certain southern hemisphere denizen.

don’t cry there my dear.
happy, thriving hellebores. they do amazingly well with very little water and cold frosts.

aiming towards spring
i look forward to meeting you soon
carolina jessamine buds, patiently waiting for their time to bloom. their scent is very similar of that to honeysuckle and i am looking forward to evenings of biking and smelling these fragrant flowers.

baby spider plants
we are not delicate as we look.
baby spider plants, quietly germinating on the windowsill. great natural air filters and low-maintenance houseplants.

stuck to glass
longing for sunny days.
chives growing on the windowsill. one of the first times, i think, that i’ve managed to keep a herb alive for almost a whole year. just almost.

not pictured are my numerous scented geraniums (citronella, lemon, pineapple), which are in various stages of molting (not really, but that’s what it looks like) and are therefore, not really looking their best, pineapple sage, and mysterious frond-like plants that i somehow manage to keep alive every year.

that reminds me. i need to plan the garden for spring crops very soon.

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3 Responses to films and a brief look at gardening

  1. J says:

    Hope you are all well again.

    Please keep posting about your garden- I love to hear about garden plans. I’m planning too. Lovely pictures.

    I wondered how Miss Potter was. I love her stories- I loved reading them to my children. Some are a bit scary- she wasn’t all fluffy rabbits and ducks.

  2. mysteryshrink says:

    I love your blog theme. I’m a psychologist-writer just starting a blog on what we can learn about people and relationships through the movies.

    Ideas from other film lovers, welcome.

    Dr. BD

  3. fawn pea says:

    great movie selections! i want to snuggle up with a mug of tea and watch ‘totoro’ right now!! hope you’re feeling better…

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