winter white week: 1

i must admit living in the south and encountering its very short winters does spoil a girl rotten. to the point where winter is becoming a tad intolerable, what with its grey skies, freezing temperatures (i am so ready to burn my long johns after only a week).

so when winter white week was proposed, i went hmm. yes, there is something promising about winter whites, a clean slate, a new appreciation for light that does come. and it’s a photography challenge, which is a good way of forcing me to stop taking things for granted and look at them in a different light.

and so i present my first photo for the winter whites week:
a warm bed and a hankie

warm sheets and a hankie, because i have a cold. *sniffle*

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3 Responses to winter white week: 1

  1. J says:

    beautiful light in your photo.

    I thought this photo week would be fun. I enjoyed the “elements” week Shari hosted last summer.

  2. beautiful and oh so cozy – white but very warm…

    xox – eb.

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