winter white week: 2


these are stones from a beach on south island, new zealand. where i went one winter and found summer there. fourteen hour daylights and fresh cherries greeted us, and i remember breakfasts of homemade granola and coffee, on a white tablecloth, with sunlight streaming through. and beaches where you looked out the pacific ocean, squinting at tasmania, while dodging gadflies and carefully navigating one-lane bridges and narrow mountain passes.

when i close my eyes, i imagine sitting at a cafe, appropriately called the white house, with long windows, facing lake wanaka, sipping hot blackcurrant juice, having just finished a dessert of cardamom shortbread and honeyed figs. it is not yet sunset, which comes around 11 pm new zealand time, and the cats are moving around my ankles, searching for a place to nap. the air is warm and smells of sea, salty and moist, and no matter where i am i can see endless vistas for miles and miles. somehow it makes me feel very small but also calm.

p.s. for those stopping by here for winter whites week, welcome, welcome to my little corner. thank you for the lovely comments and for stopping by.

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6 Responses to winter white week: 2

  1. shari says:

    lovely words and lovely winter white. xo

  2. J says:

    thank you, Eunice- felt like I was there.

  3. dandelion says:

    great photo – love what you wrote too…x

  4. gracia says:

    Oh, dear! Just like a certain white rabbit, I am fearfully behind. Your winter whites are lovely, as is your new blog space. I have so very much to catch up on.
    take care, g xo

  5. magnusmog says:

    what a beatiful description, it felt like I was there……

  6. mary jane says:

    Thanks for the welcome, and the quick visit to NZ.

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