winter white week: 4

dried persimmons
(please click to see it larger)

hi there friends. it’s been a very pretty week, hasn’t it? as i write a white german shepherd is passing through, his white fur reflecting the bright morning sun.

today i bring you hoshigaki, or hand-dried persimmons. a friend brought these directly from his family orchards; and these are the softest dried persimmons I’ve had (unlike the hockey pucks my cousins and I threw at each other when my grandmother wasn’t looking — it didn’t matter, as most dried persimmons were used for brewing persimmon tea, a common korean dessert).

I love the way the fruit sugar crystallizes on outside of the persimmons. It looks a bit like snow, but it doesn’t come out easily. The flavor is a true persimmon flavor, intense and sticky, concentrated in each bite. Think of a cinnamon sticky bun, but without all the flour and excess sweetness. There is a wonderful balance of flavors– a little tartness, just right sweetness, and a good amount of spices.

You can find out more about hoshigaki here, there’s a wonderful slideshow of how they are made (each persimmon is carefully picked, peeled, hung, and massaged, all by hand). More information can also be found in this article.

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2 Responses to winter white week: 4

  1. magnusmog says:

    Beautiful picture and I learned something new – thanks!

  2. mary jane says:

    What a lucky girl. I think Saveur had an article about these, and I’ve wanted them ever since. Thanks for the link…and your picture is so great! so mysterious, first I thought it was a blown-out pita!

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