it’s friday already?

getting my daily dose of sunshine.

and i have a long neglected post that i meant to write about the wonderful last weekend, and it’s friday already.

it’s been a long week. a week of mean reds, if you will, and of major slumps, hugging the bottoms of sine waves and desperately grabbing for the peaks with what seems to be a very short coat hanger.

truth is, if you want to ride the wave, you go with the flow. and since then, i’ve been slowly moving up. and down. and up. it’s like watching the ocean, watching waves come and go, and trying not to think that the mermaids will not sing to me. (thanks a lot, t.s. eliot). much easier if you’re the watcher than the surfer.

one thing that always help is to appreciate all the good things. such as… (warning: major linkfest ahead.)

tea with a good friend. (and taking a page out of maira kalman’s book.)

-photographing beautiful things.

-honeybell oranges (see above)

-nikki mcclure’s collect raindrops

-going back to knitting after a one month hiatus.

-dreaming about bookbinding workshops and weaving school. check out this gorgeous weaving sampler done in just a day! also dreaming about these beautiful mittens.

-reading Little Heathens by Mildred Armstrong Kalish. it’s like listening to the stories of a beloved halmoni/baba/grandmother/elder.

-tap dancing in the long, long hallway of the house for no apparent reason, other than it feels good.

-riding the tandem in the cold night after so many nights of staying in.

-picking out paint colors for the house. i feel inspired to touch up our all-white bathroom with a little bit of this.

-planning spring gardening and checking the mailbox for gardening catalogs

-getting an award.

-on-the-fly cooking and discovering it works out (open face sandwiches with caramelized onions, seasoned spinach, vegan sausages, and swiss cheese)

and many more happy things to come this weekend…
-cleaning up the greenhouse and preparing for seedstarting. today is raining, and tomorrow should smell rather earthly. ahhh.

-hopefully spinning up this lovely fiber from Black Bunny Fibers :
the color of jam

-sunshine with highs of 60 F. hopefully there will be a lot of bike riding and maybe some local popsicles.

have a good weekend, friends. take some time to do something you enjoy!

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3 Responses to it’s friday already?

  1. J says:

    congratulations on the award. you make such a big difference to the animals. it’s great, what you do.

    I read little heathens- loved learning about her life, those times. she mentions a book they used- to diagnose illnesses, gave home cures, etc. if you have a minute could you get me the name, please?

    that sandwich sounds delicious.

  2. shari says:

    we were like a page out of the principles of uncertainty. ha! it was all in all a pretty good week. and now, it’s friday and our reward is pie. i wonder if you’ll get the same flavors as me. i heard her saying to another pie lover that she mixes things up and not everyone gets the same. for next week i want to:
    -look at your nikki mcclure book
    -drink more tea and knit
    -make vegetable pot pies

    what do you say?

  3. fawn pea says:

    go eunice!!! all the puppies got together and voted and say that YOU are the best! way to go! really, you should be so proud. congratulations!

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