groundhogs be damned.

oh, that was one lovely and productive weekend.

the greenhouse got weeded out (basically, i kicked the freeloading tenant known as the common ivy out) and organized, and the raised beds are set up, awaiting their final dressing of more soil and some seeds.
wanna see?
inside the greenhouse

then we rewarded ourselves with a trip to duke gardens…and we were pleasantly surprised with the colors out there despite the drought:

spring in the air
flowering apricot.

brilliant red
flowering quince.

red and yellows
cardinal holly and a lone forsythia branch.

hold carefully
the bees loved this…i’m not sure what this fragrant, fragile tree is.

a bit of red
smooth sumac, i think. so fiery red.

magnolia leaves
magnolias were everywhere– all evergreen and wise, having survived plenty of droughts, they’re also very tall and majestic, with long spread-out branches, and it’s easy to find a canopy “inside” the tree.

stepping stones
some stepping stones.

the sky
afterwards, the sky looked like this…

tangerine thyme
while a tangerine thyme popsicle was consumed, and a crossword puzzle finished.

then it got ridiculously cold at night in comparison to the day. february’s a cruel mistress.

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3 Responses to groundhogs be damned.

  1. fawn pea says:

    drool! your greenhouse is awesome!

  2. gracia says:

    Flowering apricot and quince… they look so magnificent and bountiful, don’t they?

    Love your greenhouse. I long for one of my own.

    see you, g xo

  3. Aileen says:

    Love all the pictures you took. Good work on the greenhouse 🙂

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