a pleasant surprise.

after dark days, after winter’s discontent, grey skies, doldrums, whatever you name it, there is always the return of spring. and oh how it is beautiful.

first camellia of spring
the first camellia bloom so far. and it is gorgeous.

spring's first blush
click to see larger. always nice to see the first blush of spring.

morning light
soon to be roses, i believe.

shy beauty
i always look for these in february. hellebores (lenten roses) may look droopy, but they are amazing in that they are incredibly drought resistant and cold temperatures don’t faze them. and i don’t have to lift a finger except to ooh and ahh over them when the blooms do arrive, way earlier than its flowery counterparts.

hello world
oh, the freckled wonder.

all the better to slobber you with
even the dogs are happy. longer walks, more time playing ball, blissful bellyrubs in the warmth of sun.

have a happy weekend!

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3 Responses to a pleasant surprise.

  1. Toma01 says:

    Beautiful images! Great!

  2. J says:

    if it’s there now, it will be here…someday. 🙂 it’s almost strange to think of spring in February.

    yes, that dog is smiling at you

  3. fawn pea says:

    already…? oh my gosh.

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