radio silence

hi there.

no, that’s not me buried under cans of paint from two weeks ago. the paint is intact and still lovely. i’m buried under a pile of things that pretty much screams overcommitment and the problem is i suspect i actually, secretly enjoy it despite all the complaining. oops. one example would be trying to read 3 books at once. it’s fairly easy since one of them is a collection of essays (At Large and At Small, by Anne Fadiman), one is read on a chapter basis for a book club (Half of a Yellow Sun, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie), and the other, not a very long novel (In the Wake, by Per Petterson). I like to call this state of being “book heaven.”

And now for some eyecandy. Have you seen the lunar eclipse the past week? If not, here’s a nice collection of the eclipse by fellow flickr photographers. I was so disappointed when the evening turned cloudy that night, but it cleared up for briefest of moments, and i was in awe of the burnt red and orange glow and the intensity of the light. and i felt very, very small.

pinks and blue
camellias are still growing, and i love collecting the flowers and putting them in bowls of water (repurposed greywater, of course). everyday i am discovering newly bloomed flowers– daffodils, flowering quince, forsythia, a single purple hyacinth, and finally, some yellow and purple croci.

the bees are back, it seems. i have never been so happy to see a bee, especially after hearing about the declining honeybee populations last year. i hope this year the bee population stays stable, otherwise those of us growing food dependent on cross pollination are royally screwed.

a scene from fearrington village
even the mild greyness is enchanting. especially if you’ve been watching Becoming Jane, Emma, and James Herriot BBC series. I’m inclined to put on a good Barbour coat, some wellies, a trowel and a spade, and work in the garden. Or stay inside with some parchment and fountain pens, writing letters and possibly a very short story, starting with, “It is a truth universally acknowledged…” There is something about Austen that makes February bearable, with its grey rains and topsy-turvy weathers.

Perhaps there are a few more books I should add to my endless pile of books to read. 🙂 And up next, if I remember to take pictures, there might be some fibery pursuits and small mail surprises.

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One Response to radio silence

  1. J says:

    did you like Becoming Jane?

    are you watching the All Creatures Great and Small series? we’ve watched the first two or three years. we watch the first two years over and over again. it’s a wonderful little world.

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