on a new obsession

at the loom
i received a rigid heddle weaving loom as a solstice gift last year, and for a month, the loom and i regarded each other suspiciously.

like new friendships, it was awkward, even a little tangled, at first. there were times when we got lost somewhere, and times when i knew i had done something wrong and attempted to fix it (successfully in most cases, though not without some cursing and alcohol and a lot of patience).

and then i left it alone for a while. to simmer, i guess. i do have other friends, namely a spinning wheel, and several knitting needles, to occupy my time. and finally i felt guilty and said hi to the loom again, and we agreed on a pattern, and i re-read the instructions, and before i knew it, i was weaving quickly and effortlessly like i’ve done it before.

the next day, i ended up weaving approximately two feet in less than two hours. i just couldn’t stop.

mad for plaid

i also couldn’t get the image of bagpipes and scottish clan tartans out of my head. also highlander theme music (oh the shame). and i kept going.

i even got some yarn for my next project. a lovely silk that i am sure i’ll tangle or ruin in some way somehow, but it’s a good motivation to finish the current project (harrisville 100% wool).
silk in indigo (left) and cutch (right). very springlike, aren’t they?

i discovered an online weavezine, and a potential next project that might say, use up a lotta sock yarn. (if you don’t get the terminology, just look at the pictures– the colors are just amazing.

so…with no shortage of inspiration or yarn (ha), i guess you could say i am effectively doomed. but it’s a happy kind of doom. i’m not sure what it is about working with fibers and colors that makes me deliriously happy, but they do.

and perhaps it is appropriate that my photo swap pal sent me a photo of this. thank you, megan. i wouldn’t asked for a better subject.

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5 Responses to on a new obsession

  1. fawn pea says:

    WOW! oh my god that is so cool. your weaving is gorgeous!

  2. Aileen says:

    Nice new project. Maybe someday in my lifetime I will be able to use one. hehe Love your pattern, reminds me of a couple things.

  3. brooke says:

    beautiful weaving….and that lace is gorgeous!

  4. Heather says:

    Wonderful colors and I’m thrilled to see another knitter gone warped~

  5. Lovely weaving, and thanks for the link to Weavezine! Also enjoyed seeing your pics of flowers.

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