welcome to march

hello march. good riddance february, although it wasn’t that bad at all, it was still merciless as ever.

i start the new month rather inauspiciously with a major cold, which i blame on everything from renovation dust to swinging temperatures to previously sick partner. oh well. maybe this means i’ll get all the bad stuff out of the way early in the month…in the meantime, bleh.

everything else, though, is celebrating beginning of march in quite a different way…

argula growing!
the argula grows. (best viewed larger– please click) it’s very heartening. of course what this means is i am impatient with other vegetables, such as carrots and radishes and spinach and chard to grow as well. grow, little veggies, grow!

wild daffy
the daffodils are officially out of control. they’re everywhere, rearing their symmetrical and sometimes punky heads, humming wordsworth’s poem.

rosy camellia
and more camellias bloom. we have at least six camellia bushes, last i counted, and they just keep blooming.

yellow croci
sigh. i want to be thumbelina and curl up in one of these yellow flowers. i imagine it to be warm and silky and sweet-smelling like honey.

blue hyacinth
there was some blue-violet, too, in form of a hyacinth.

flowering quince
and some pink and blues…

and i leave you with a parting spring bouquet…

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3 Responses to welcome to march

  1. j says:

    must be beautiful in your neck of the woods. the flower arrangement is lovely. so nice to bring the outdoors in, makes such a happy difference in a room.

  2. gracia says:

    Grow, little veggies, grow… I hope you enjoy much fine home-grown produce, Eunice.

  3. Barbara says:

    *sigh* There won’t be any flowers here for another 6 weeks, at least. I am feeling a little envious. I love the camelias, but I don’t think they grow here.

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