morning habit

early evening shadow

i have a confession. i am totally a morning person. and by this i mean, i love early mornings, even when i am sleepy. i love doing things in the morning, with time still left in the day for whatever comes. proof? when i wake up late (usually 9 or 10 am) i am so cranky because everything feels so hurried, and i walk the dog on mornings (while my partner walks in the evenings, because he is not a morning person), which makes it worse. and i hate being cranky, because then i have determined that my day is ruined, from the moment i get up late, and nothing and nobody can change my mind. silly, right? but unfortunately that’s how it works and no matter how much i reason with myself that i still have time for everything, that there is no point wasting energy being grumpy and disappointed and stubborn and it is still sunshiny and bright and wonderfully warm out, i’m still cranky. and sometimes it gets pretty bad to the point where i wake up, look at my clock, sigh, and want to go back to bed and reset the day.

so a month ago, my partner suggested i try going to bed early. i’d been in a vicious cycle where i’d make up for the lost time by staying up later and in turn, i’d wake up much later. and to motivate me, and because i was getting way too good at pressing the snooze button on my alarm and going back to sleep, he said he’d buy a skein of yarn for each day i went to bed early, up to March 11. That would mean 15 skeins of yarn, provided i went to bed by 11 pm, with exceptions for friday and saturday (party nights. whoo hoo!)

So here’s the funny thing. it worked. I did get up earlier, do things earlier, and actually got a lot more things done. And I noticed my mood wasn’t as grumpy or cranky. And to reward myself for getting up early, I joined a 7 am yoga class on Wednesdays, and it’s been very enjoyable, especially since it’s only 2 blocks from where I live. Instead of walking as fast as possible with Cori I take time to read some poetry while she sniffs and wanders, and watch the crows settle on branches and power lines. And I have plenty of time later in the day to do the things I love. It’s amazing how a very small change can make such a big difference.

And now I have 15 skeins of yarn to order…to make a bear claw blanket, as a reminder to myself to make small changes when things go wrong, and as a sign of appreciation for my partner for making the bet in the first place (and maybe, just maybe, so he can stop stealing my own quilted lap blanket.)

in the meantime, it’s nearly 11 pm. must get ready for bed.

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4 Responses to morning habit

  1. Barbara says:

    That quilt is beautiful! What colours are you thinking of? But do you have to sew all those little pieces together?

  2. shari says:

    love the quilt and i also think it’s neat to see how making a small change can really make a big difference in your life. well, that and a bit of bribing! 😉

  3. fawn pea says:

    hee hee! i am just like you about mornings. nothing makes me crankier than sleeping in. i am good at going to bed early, though… i find it highly satisfying. in fact… it really is time to get ready for bed now!

  4. g says:

    I am a night owl. It is nearly 10pm and I am just starting to wake up.

    A bear claw blanket? Sounds little short of wonderful.

    take care, g xx

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