pictures I wish I’d taken

…if not for the rain. here’s some ideas:

-a vertical row of raindrops along a tulip leaf
-two hawks circling the determined but cloudy sun
-brief glimpses of bright red cardinals on a gray day
-a bicyclist with his dog running along him
-a kid on a skateboard holding a bouquet of yellow and pink flowers
-first tomatoes of the season (a greenhouse standby called trust)
-my dog jumping on me and licking my face despite her recent surgery
-chocolate truffles (using local cream) at farmers market (oh wait, i did take a picture):
chocolate truffles for breakfast
-homemade banana nut bread (and a photo of what’s left of it…)
a tasty reward (95/365)

what are some pieces of beauty you wish you’d capture?

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5 Responses to pictures I wish I’d taken

  1. shari says:

    i was thinking of making a similar post today. too funny. there is a website where a photographer keeps a running list of these moments. have you seen it? we were also at the farmer’s market but otherwise have been at full frame all day.

  2. fawn pea says:

    Last week there was a rainy day with a very bright sky. All day I was thinking it was a perfect day for a photoessay about stormwater. (gawd, I’m such an envirodork)

  3. gracia says:

    The first tomato… ah, such excitement, my friend.

    I wish I could also capture the images I see in my head… if only. How grand would that be?

    Happy days to you, g xo

  4. louise says:

    I enjoyed your list, and conjuring up these scenes in my head but then I got stuck on chocolate truffles and homemade banana nut bread, mmmmmmm, now I’m craving a sweet treat.

  5. J says:

    hope all is well and you are enjoying the spring. or is summer down south? šŸ™‚

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