photowalk 1: flora and fauna

(one of a maybe two, maybe three part series). I do have a post about my sabbatical, but I’m not quite done finishing my thoughts about it yet so this will do. 🙂

It was 60F here, which is a miracle considering high 90s over the weekend. I don’t usually like to take pictures outdoors very much in the summer, mostly because I get bitten all over and my glasses tend to fog up with the humidity and then there’s sweat dripping off my face. Not really ideal conditions for taking pictures, and mostly I can’t see what I’m doing. Point-and-shoot cameras are easier, but I’ve gotten attached to my Nikon D40 (and the control it affords) and it’s definitely a camera you have to look through.

So I wore my favorite hoodie and brought the camera along while walking the dog. A cloudy, overcast, fresh-from-the-rains kind of day, smelling like roses and onion grass.

One of my favorite things about photowalks is that they force you to appreciate the changing season. One example is beautyberry. It always shows up in the fall, all bright and magenta.


The last of the great perennials:
the last enchinea

This doesn’t really fit in, but there’s been so much lichen on trees due to the rains and humidity lately. Lots of moss, too. I’m not sure what the taller feathered ones are — I wish I could say they were invasive moss, but most moss I’ve seen are short and flat and tend to grow horizontally rather than vertically. Anyone?
lichen and moss

I have no idea what this one is, except the colors are pretty.

More to come later…

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One Response to photowalk 1: flora and fauna

  1. Barbara says:

    I would guess that the taller moss-looking stuff is a type of club-moss (lycophyta), which isn’t really a moss at all. The flower is lantana, which is very popular with bees and butterflies.

    It’s starting to look like fall already here, with changing leaves and cool, crisp weather.

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