photowalk 2: patterns

more images from my photowalk…patterns this time.

photowalk patterns

1. pattern 1: pine needles, 2. pattern 2: lichen strata, 3. pattern 3: a wet utility pole, 4. pattern 4: stone wall and moss

I find it interesting that I took these photos without knowing what to expect. Then seeing them all together in a group made me want to categorize… (If you must know, my photo shoots are guided mostly by “ooh, shiny! ooh, pretty!” which is to say by nothing at all but my mind and eye).

Do you ever take pictures without a purpose or goal in mind? To just take pictures of whatever catches your fancy?

Coincidentally, the green chair press released its 2009 calendar today. I have the 2008 version and I’ve loved the bits of haiku and letterpressed art, and it looks like their images are based on patterns too. 🙂

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2 Responses to photowalk 2: patterns

  1. gracia says:

    Oh, yes. Taking photos that are free of purpose are the best kind.

  2. shari says:

    i love to look for patterns in my photos after the fact. so fun. i wish i could have joined you on that photo walk.

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