lesson learned.

a reminder
Look closely at this photo. It isn’t a mistake. It isn’t a Monet. It’s a blur of purposeful intent. To remind me to focus.
Focus is the word I learned most from the sabbatical.

To focus when…

there are dirty dishes to be done.

there are dog hairballs to be vacuumed.

there are 200 other projects on shelves waiting for your attention
(and they all look so much more attractive).

there is an itch to start something new.

there are people who look at your work
and maybe say something, or say nothing at all.

there is no product, just the process. sometimes the process is just as important.

it feels like the project is taking forever.

it seems like there is enough time in the day to do everything
(but there is not. sometimes doing what you can is enough.).

it seems like other folks are more productive than you are.

it feels like you are not worth your own time.

it feels like you are better at planning than at executing.

(if you’d like to contribute your voice to this list, feel free.)

Inspiration sources:
giving yourself permission.
treadmill journal — good way to get ball rolling on a project.

something fun:
like confetti
A poem to go with these two pictures (in Best 2008 American Poems)

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One Response to lesson learned.

  1. shari says:

    how about focusing when it feels like you are spending too much time in the past…too much time on the what ifs.

    i hear it feels like fall in durham.

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