happy, happy october

w a r m t h

it is chilly enough to make you appreciate the sunshine the way you never did in the summer.

it is crisp with no sign of humidity.

it is october, and i am so glad.

i am having my first bowl of oatmeal, thick and nutty, with brown sugar and local raisins (sweet and tart).

have a bowl of butternut squash soup, seasoned apples and cider, waiting for me at lunchtime.

it is the month of my boy’s birthday, but to us, every day of this month is a birthday worth celebrating. even more so when the colorful trees join in the fun.

it is the time of year when I start collecting leaves and acorns, forgetting I’m not a squirrel.

It is the start of fall knitting, of socks and warm woolen mittens.

It is the ease that settles after the anxieties of September, starting school, and start of a new season. (and an end to unintended alliteration).

It is the start of many wonderful and crazy holidays. Which usually involve a baking frenzy, warm kitchens, cold wet noses, jigsaw puzzles, and many, many pies.

It is really the best time to enjoy fall.

in october, i will:
-go to Asheville (home to magnificent mountains and even more magnificent scenery. also, oodles of delicious and bookworthy and wooly temptations.)
-drink and sample far too many beers.
-go to the state fair and enter a few projects.
-knit a sock. or two. or three.
-plant garlic under a full moon.
-bike a metric century (62 miles or 100 km) on halloween.

so far, so good. what is your october shaping up to be?

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One Response to happy, happy october

  1. Carrie says:

    Are you going to SAFF? If so, we should try and meet up – I’m definitely gonna be there! yay for fall!!

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