a flock of birds

I woke up in a daze this morning. I was so comfortable and warm and content to sleep my morning away if not for a very grumpy puppy dog jumping on and off the bed and licking on my face.

And I was a little sad that I wasn’t in Asheville anymore.

You see, my partner and I went on a little trip to Asheville and we had a wonderful time in which we just pushed the world away a little, focused on each other and in just being, and felt safe. comforted. peaceful.

It helped that the weather was just stellar and that the foliage was just starting and of course there is no place like the mountains. The Blue Ridge. The Smokies. An inn in which the primary view is the sunset.

And the spa helped, too. We dipped in several pools, feeling weightless, feeling warm (though it really wasn’t that cold outside) and cozy, massaged our tired bodies under waterfalls and jet streams. At night we sat in the hot tub-pool and watched the midnight blue sky sparkle with stars and crescent moon.

It was probably a good thing that on our last day it was rainy and foggy, or we’d never have left. And even then, it wasn’t that terrible.

I’m releasing bits of Asheville slowly on my Flickr stream, to make its magic last a bit longer, but for the upcoming weekend, I thought I’d share with you these photos of the birds that flew ahead of us on a certain street. I hope they bring you the same sense of wonder and peace.

flight of birds no. 1

flight of birds no. 2

flight of birds no. 3

flight of birds no. 4

flight of birds no. 5

flight of birds no. 6

flight of birds no. 7

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3 Responses to a flock of birds

  1. shari says:

    your trip sounds so good. love these birds.

  2. gracia says:

    A slow release in your flickr stream sounds the perfect way to hang onto it a little longer.

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