the red oaks
red oak leaves, colonial williamsburg

Uhm, hi.

So I totally blame the 365 project for the scarce posts around here. The good news is, it’s nearing the end and it’s the end of the year, and I love celebrating advent, the counting of days before the shortest day of the year. There are so many good advent ideas (and items), but I think what I’m going to do is to blog til solstice, or end of the year, if possible.

It might just be madness, or a brief dash of sanity, considering how I’m once again going to try to make this a handmade holiday. But let’s give it a try, shall we?

So far the first advent is starting pretty well, ill-fortune-wise. The boy appears to have caught another virus, and I’m still recovering from the first major cold I received from him. It reminds me of a stack of dominoes. One falls, then the other. I’m hoping that my enormous doses of citrus and secret blend of herbs and spices will stage a strong front. We’ll see.

On the gift-making front, I am hopelessly behind, due to some weird Thanksgiving knitting curse. I started two hats, only to make a considerable mess of them, stitches started dropping, and I found that my favorite sweaters (not handknit) are producing holes. The boy’s sweater (again, not handknit) is also sporting a few lovely holes. Clearly not moth-infested (shudder), but clearly a sign of wear and tear. To add more injury to the heap, my favorite mittens are also falling apart. thankfully, not handknit.

Do you think the universe is trying to tell me something? That my future lies in handknitted items?

Or maybe it’s trying to tell me that I should sign up for a year of sweaters, in which every month a sweater is produced. Problem is, not only is this a little nuts for me, even if it involved 12 baby sweaters, I don’t even have enough yarn for 12 sweaters. Well, I do, for two sweaters and a vest. The rest would be a crazy yarn patchwork of a sweater, and who wants that? 12 months of socks seems more reasonable considering my sock yarn stash is bigger than my sweater yarn stash. The boy suggested that I take a picture of my sock-in-progress everyday for next year, a sort of hybrid knitting sock-a-day 365 project, except, well, how do you take 365 photos of socks?

And do I even want to do another 365? Should I close shop here and make flickr my blog?


A few random, slightly pleasurable things noticed (but not photographed):

-cold hardwood floors on bare feet

-dreamy winter light on blue blinds

-the way citrus juice sprays all over my shirt when I bite into a wedge

-the smallness of pink puppy tongues, no bigger than tip of an index finger, gently licking my nose.

-darkness as absence of light, but not absence of seeing.

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