advent (2)

two by two, yarns of blue

I meant to write this last night. Alas, fatigue overtook me, as I’ve been caring for the boy all day. Fevers are some of the nastiest things to encounter, and this one is no exception, with properties of an inflatable balloon clown– just when you think you have it down, it comes up again.

The worst part was the night, because by then the boy had exhausted his maximum dose of ibuprofen, and like a sneak in the night, the fever returned. There wasn’t much I could do, except to make a nice little pile of blankets, heating pads, turn the heat up, bring water, and knit worriedly. The knitting part was a little ironic, because here I was creating warmth, with a person next to me desperately seeking the very same warmth and there was nothing I could do.

But at the same time, I’m rather glad I have knitting. Not just something for my fingers to do other than to wring handkerchiefs, but also for the opportunity to create something useful for the cold season.

And as of this morning the boy is a little bit better, and I’m just bleary-eyed and hoping that tonight will be a lot easier.

Random, cheerier links:
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One Response to advent (2)

  1. shari says:

    hope all is better at two pines.

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