advent (6), (7)

from last year’s holiday festivities

Once again, a photo from the archives, as the flu prevents me from getting out of bed and doing much other than burning up, shivering madly, aching all over, and sleeping, repeating the cycle as necessary in some random order created by a madman.

Sometimes I wonder if I really am delirious. I drift in and out of dreams, old and new, muttering Blake’s Tyger, tyger burning bright, revisit old nightmares, meet the sandman, who watches with me as I recall things done and not done and walk in parallel alternate universes. I shake, I turn back and forth, trying to escape, trying to shield myself from the pain, only to pass out in exhaustion as my body regroups for yet another immunological fight against a tiny little microbe with such an ugly name, influenza.

after all this, there is only one thing i can say: do yourself a favor. get yourself and loved ones a flu shot. really.

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