truth be told, i’d rather be hibernating.


the title sums up my feelings about january. (oh, happy new year, lunar and otherwise). forgive my mehness. winter does that to me. strange, i used to deal with it, but now that i’ve become a delicate southern flower it has become almost unbearable. or maybe it is the “yet another week of gray” (or “another day of snow,” depending on where you live) that has gotten to me.

still, i am finding new joys and learning new lessons.

Joy: birds taking flight after not seeing them for very long. such as a red cardinal and his mate on the lawn.
Lesson: get a birdfeeder. or two.

Joy: A glass of good wine in the evening.
Lesson: Wine tastes so much better in the winter. Stock up in the summer and drink up in the winter. Personal favorites: a 2005 Tove (white) and a fine full-bodied 2006 Beaujolais.

Joy: The smooth lines of cabled texture on a vest.
Lesson: Don’t stick to one color for winter knitting. Do colorwork, whether it be fair isle or handpainted socks. And don’t make everything out of grey. 🙂

Joy: sunbeams
Lesson: follow the dog and take naps with her.

Joy: gardening/seed catalogs.
Lesson: don’t read them when you’re hungry. or before dinner. Otherwise, before you know it, you are busy mopping up drool off the glossy pages.

Joy: rediscovering my own bike after changing handlebars.
Lesson: Don’t be afraid to change things. Or admit that sometimes you need a little tweaking.

Joy: Not making resolutions
Lesson: learned a long time ago. I write monthly goals instead. Easier to remember, sometimes easier to attain.

Joy: Getting things organized (such as my book list)
Lesson: Should have done this from the start. Oh well.

Joy: writing things. and then blogging them.
Lesson: post them more often. there will definitely be more book reviews. and probably a few of my favorite things.

Now for some February fun:
-a very fashionable bicycling get-together: Tweed Run (and more seen through the eyes of a Yashica camera)

-a Dar Williams song:
And february was so long that it lasted into march
And found us walking a path alone together.
You stopped and pointed and you said, thats a crocus,
And I said, whats a crocus? and you said, its a flower,
I tried to remember, but I said, whats a flower?
You said, i still love you.

-Ted Kooser’s Valentines

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2 Responses to truth be told, i’d rather be hibernating.

  1. carolyn says:

    such a nice post, eunny! 🙂

  2. marthasnail says:

    looking forward to more book reviews. so interesting about the birds. i thought vermont was going to be empty of them but i daily see blue jays, doves, flickers, and turkeys. xo

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