April 14: Sleep

/~I love to go to sleep ~/ (104/365.2)


I love to go to sleep,
when bed takes me like a lover
wrapping my limbs in
cool linen, soothing
the fretfulness
of day glaring like
the Cyclops’ eye
in a forehead
of furrows.

More of the poem in Love Comes First by Erica Jong

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One Response to April 14: Sleep

  1. elisa says:

    Erica Jong is one of my all time favorite poets and authors. I just absolutely adore her. Her “Fear of Flying” inspired me to be confident about being a smart woman and to make no apologies for having a brain and using it. She also is responsible for my falling in love with literature – I owe my Hemingway and Miller addictions to her. 🙂

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