May 2009 Books

the blue hour (YIP: 149)

GN= graphic novel
YA= young adult/tween
* = recommended
[]= on hiatus

Books Read This Month:

44. Memorist, MJ Rose
45. Not Becoming My Mother, Ruth Reichl
46. Verses, Ani DiFranco*
47. Love Comes First, Erica Jong*
48. Local, Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly
49. Pretty Little Monsters, Kelly Link*
50. The Sweet Life in Paris, David Lebovitz*
51. Izzy and Lenore, Jon Katz*
52. A Year in Our Gardens: Letters, Nancy Goodwin & Allen Lacy*
53. Evidence, Mary Oliver*
54. The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger
55. The Color of Earth Kim Dong Hwa (GN)
56. BlackJack Vol. 5, Osamu Tezuka (GN)
57. Valeria’s Last Stand, Marc Fitten*

Currently Rotating Reading list:

Tunneling to Center of Earth, Kevin Wilson
Coop, Michael Perry
The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, M. T. Anderson (YA)

BlackJack Vol. 5
The Color of Earth, Kim Dong Hwa
Moomin Vol. 3, Tove Jansson

Currently tempted by:

Last Night In Montreal, Emily St. John Mandel
The City & the City, China Mieville
Wicked Plants, Amy Stewart


1. I read a lot (maybe faster) when I am sick and don’t feel like moving around. Hence the longer list this month.

2. Some of the books in this month’s list would make for interesting movies: The Time Traveler’s Wife (in a sort of Benjamin Button way, only sweeter ending), Valeria’s Last Stand (sort of like Chocolat, but without the chocolate.)

3. Valeria’s Last Stand is what I’d call comfort reading, kind of like comfort food. It’s not going to make you smarter or wiser, but it’ll make you feel good and respect old women. 🙂 Not to mention, it is really meant to be read for fun. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a book to ease into the leisurely world of summer reading.

4. I can’t listen to music when running. So I bring poetry books instead, and if you like Ani DiFranco’s music you would probably like her Verses (some of them are songs, some of them are not). Mary Oliver’s newest book of poetry is already a favorite.

5. David Lebovitz will make you laugh, and he will also leave you feeling very, very hungry. Unfortunately, he also has a blog. Why unfortunately? Because given the scary number of blogs that I subscribe to I have pretty much given up catching up on anyone’s blog. Though it is nice to have a reference.

6. Jon Katz has somewhat restored my faith in him with his latest book. I thought his last book was a little trite, but his newest book is simply beautiful. And no dogs die in that one- though a lot of people do die (such is nature of hospice work). And dogs get my respect, again, for their extreme sensitivity and ability to provide people with just exactly what they need. And yes, he has a blog (sigh), with incredibly nostalgic photographs of the farms and the dogs.

7. It’s that time of year– a pile of books by the reading chair for the summer, along with a tall glass of iced herbal tea, or a long summer reading list, or even simpler, summer fiction issues (looking forward to the new yorker one, and the granta one looks interesting). I’m not sure there’s a specific requirement for summer reading– it doesn’t necessarily have to be light-hearted or be easy reading. It just has to be a good story, the one that you are most comfortable listening to and want to listen to. Do you have special requirements for summer reading?

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One Response to May 2009 Books

  1. dude do you carry poetry books with you while you run? how do you not run into things? (i have had many bike/book related incidents reading over my handlebars!)

    so you didn’t like Time Traveler’s Wife, I take it? (given the lack of an asterisk?) I loved that book so much, I will certainly be boycotting the movie made from it as there’s no way they can get it all on film. But FYI a movie is being made of it with Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams as Henry & Claire. (originally brad pitt/jennifer aniston’s production company had bought the rights, as I found out when I heard Niffenegger read – she’s a Chicago resident).

    aren’t Kelly Link stories awesome? i lurve her.

    my requirements for summer reading are the same as any other time of year reading: either a) list books: well-written, takes me to a place i couldn’t go otherwise, whether plot or character based; or b) list books: entertaining, escapist (Sookie!); but never ever c) list books: BORING!! i read heavy dense literary stuff year-round but i also read the romance/whirlwind/badly written but entertaing stuff year-round as well. i just never read the badly written AND boring ones. ever. 😉

    OK bye now! 🙂

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