2009-2010 books, or Ye Olde Neglected Blog

…finally gets some attention.

I was half-tempted to close this blog after posting the last book list of the year, considering how infrequently I post here. Most of that is because I have a lovely inner censor, who looks suspiciously like Meryl Strep in The Devil wears Prada, and one of the things I have decided to do this year is to shut her up.

Or rather, she can rant on and on, but I’m going to work on making her part of the background noise. I like writing, I like sharing wonderful things, and, well, why the hell not. I’m not on facebook or twitter, and I don’t plan to be, so here is it. (and flickr, too, but that’s mostly visual).

some thoughts I’m having about this blog: updating it more frequently (ha), maybe twice a week, and I have a good excuse– the knitting olympics. I’d like to knit something that’s a little beyond my level and start and finish it for the whole duration of the Olympics. Should keep me out of mischief (ha), should use up some significant amount of stash (I have an embarrassing 5 sweaters’ worth of yarn stash, thanks to end of year sales). Now all I have to do is to pick the project. But that’s a topic for another post…

So it looks like I’ve read 122 books in 2009. It sounds more impressive than it actually is, because I read my weight’s worth in YA literature. I wouldn’t exactly claim to be an expert in strong-heroine-historical-fantasy YA but I’m getting there. And I would not mind keeping up with that habit (and probably will, having subscribed to Kristin Cashore’s blog.).

So here you go (* = recommended):
Nov-Dec 2009:
100. That Old Cape Magic, Richard Russo *
101. Zel, Donna Jo Nappoli (YA)
102. Wise Child, Monica Furlong (YA) *
103. Juniper, Monica Furlong (YA) *
104. Colman, Monica Furlong (YA) * (so sad when I found out she’s dead. would have loved to read more)
105. Dairy Queen, Catherine Gilbert Murdock (YA)
106. Dogsbody, Diana Wynne Jones (YA) *
107. The Midwife’s Apprentince, Karen Cushman (J/YA) *
108. About Grace, Anthony Doerr (lovely prose, but found it rather tedious)
109. Harriet the Spy, Louise Fitzhugh (J/YA) * (I actually had never read this before)
110. A Touch of Dead, Charlaine Harris (reading too many of her books is kind of like eating too many sweets. gonna avoid her for a while.)
111. A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver, E. L. Konigsburg (YA) * (really, really clever and horribly amusing)
112. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins (YA) (okay. I didn’t like this one, though I could not help reading it. and YMMV wrt dystopian fantasies)
113. Flawed Dogs, Berkeley Breathed (YA) *
114. The Hero and the Sword, Robin McKinley (YA) *
115. The Blue Sword, Robin McKinley (YA) *
116. I am the messenger, Marcus Zusak (YA) * (not same caliber as The Book Thief, but not as tragic. I still liked it and I hope he writes more.)
117. The Girl Who Played with Fire, Steig Larsson *
118. The Castle Corona, Sharon Creech (YA)
119. Catching Fire (the second book of Hunger Games), Suzanne Collins (YA) (this was better than the first, though I’m still not too thrilled with it. )
120. Once The Shore, Paul Yoon * (beautiful and sad.)
121. The Thief, Megan Whalen Turner (YA) * (very, very clever)
122. All My Patients have Tales, Jeff Wells

January 2010:
1. Queen of Attolia, Megan Whalen Turner (YA) *
2. King of Attolia, Megan Whalen Turner (YA) *
3. Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel * (with hesitation, because it is LONG. So VERY LONG. but good. though the prose style may make you a little dizzy wrt who’s speaking)
4. Brooklyn, Colm Toibin * (excellent, except for the slightly rushed ending. but excellent.)
5. A Brain Wider than Sky: A Migraine Diary, Andrew Levy
6. Outlander, Diana Gabaldon * (WOW. why did I not read this earlier?)

so far finished in February:
7. Life List, Olivia Gentile
8. Half Broke Horses, Jeannette Walls* (I LOVED this book. first book in a while that made me go, I’d love to write like this…)

If you have gone this far…thanks for following. So far it looks like there’s more Diana Gabaldon (I may have made a trip to the used bookstore yesterday and came out with four of her books), but we’ll see how much reading I’ll be able to do with the knitting olympics going on…

til then.

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One Response to 2009-2010 books, or Ye Olde Neglected Blog

  1. marthasnail says:

    i’m glad you will continue to write here and log the books you read. i’m going to see if i can check out half broke horses from the library. thanks for the recommendation. i also loved once the shore and brooklyn. both very good.

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