Decisions, decisions.

So, uhm, the 2010 knitting olympics start tomorrow.

So, naturally I’m second-guessing myself.

Plan A (the original plan) was to knit this Urban Aran cardigan. I bought the yarn in a nice sale last year, and it’d definitely be a challenge to finish this sweater from the start in 17 days.
I’m thinking that this might not be doable, mostly because:
1) I am bad at finishing things. very bad.
2) I’m not sure I need this cardigan by end of February. (I better not. I hope.)
1) this is done in big yarn and big needles. this is not done in eensy-weensy-spider needles or yarn.
2) cables are entertaining enough to prevent me from stopping doing it in boredom.
3) it’s olympics-worthy. it’s definitely a challenge. it’s doable. it’s also not doable. it’s…driving me crazy?
4) b/c I said it on the blog. GULP. (though I have also said I’d blog more regularly and have not really done so.)

Plan B. Finish the bearclaw blanket that you started last year. Finish one square, make three more, knit a border, and have a blanket (always useful) at the end.
It’s not quite start-to-finish, and completing WIPs are always a good thing. It is quite doable, though a little tedious, and it’ll still be a beautiful product. On the other hand, WIPs feel like a cheater, mostly because there are always WIPs and WIP-decreasing projects every year.


Plan C. Finish the current WIPs and start and finish new (small) projects- featherweight cardigan (appropriate for summer), fiddlehead mittens (good for the last two weeks of feb), a tiny dog sweater, and possibly another pair of stranded colorwork mittens or a lace scarf. It’s a combination of plans A and B- but with sort of smaller projects, and three or four finished objects out of it.

I have until 3pm tomorrow to cast on (or whenever the torch is lit in opening ceremonies). Do not suggest a plan D or all of the above else you get on my knit-not list. πŸ™‚

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4 Responses to Decisions, decisions.

  1. fi says:

    Decisions! Wow, that Urban Cardigan is amazing. Just think about how happy you’ll be for next fall – it’ll already be ready for you! But that featherweight sweater is beautiful too… but you could do it in March πŸ™‚
    Oh man, I’m no help at all, sorry πŸ˜›
    All I know is you are insanely talented and I can’t wait to see what you make!

  2. Ann Miller says:

    The bear claw blanket is gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like it that was knitted. You would be so proud to have that all finished. It will be an heirloom! Then decide which sweater to work on next. Don’t worry—They all will be priceless!

  3. yogageekfreak says:

    The sweater for sure. As you said it’s Olympics worthy. I’m doing a sweater too cus I want a challenge.

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