Hello, June.

Can we start all over again?

March was all about eating alfresco- no pollen, no mosquitoes, and abundant sunshine.

I nearly had breakfast outside everyday.

March was also all about flower watch (like a bird watch except you count flowers). Duke Gardens is a great place for this, as they provide you with cards of what is in bloom.

I had hoped to find a witch hazel in bloom (and smell it) but the closest I’ve found is winter hazel. Better luck next year.

April was an extremely busy month.

It didn’t help that my laptop was taken in for repairs. Or that my allergies kicked in.

Folks came to visit and it was almost a party everyday. Fun, but exhausting.

Then we went to Boston to watch Logan run in the marathon, and that was also exhausting, considering we walked everywhere! Not that we had any other options, given the crowds.

Then I got very sick with a series of low grade fevers and painful mouth ulcers that never seemed to go away (as soon as one healed, another popped up in a different but no less convenient place).

Seth also broke his elbow (and possibly his rib) at the same time.

I think we may have had an unwanted guest, named Murphy, living with us at that time.

Then it got to be May, but I think we barely noticed under an ibuprofen-induced haze.

Slowly but surely we got over things.

We managed to plant our summer garden, go on farm tour, and eat lettuces bigger than our heads combined together.

I got my new bike and put it together with Seth’s help. It’s a very sweet ride and I look forward to riding it more often.

I made 150 pupsicles for two events. (and more for the stores).

I picked up a free cross stitch kit from the freecycle list, then a stack of cross stitch books (also free) and seem to be heading towards a rabbit hole. Oh well.

Last Sunday Seth and I rode our bikes together to brunch for the first time since … I got sick and he broke his elbow. It was great.

Then on Monday night, I threw up. Looks like it’s just a stomach bug, but really. Maybe this starting over business is overrated.

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