garden report – 6/11

Now that the frantic spring planting is ebbing (I still can’t believe I’m supposed to start cabbage and brussel sprouts this week), I’ve been making resolutions to enjoy my garden more. Basically work in the garden one day, and enjoy the garden the next day. Also, I thought it’d be a good idea to document our “new” garden.

neat rows
My planting method usually involves raised rows and mud pies (if doing square foot gardening with one plant per square). I normally fill up the bottom stuff between rows with mulch, but this is in the shade and I thought I’d make one more go for radishes before fall, and also, radishes germinate rather quickly. On the raised rows, I’m growing beets, cilantro (I think the seeds from oh, beginning of time (2004), have finally expired), and mixed lettuce.

Ohe day I will figure out how many different varieties of tomatoes we’ve planted, but for now the quickest tomato growing award seems to go to our beloved sungolds. I think we may have 9 of them, but I pruned entirely too much and am not sure they will be that productive (apparently, you’re supposed to prune suckers (stems coming up in middle of a V) but i pruned to the point where the main stem looks TOO smooth. Oops. Maybe I should call the sungolds my French poodle disaster. You know, kinda busy top and bottom but all smooth in the middle.

I’m also growing lots of beans. Three different varieties, in fact — scarlet runner beans (pole beans), butter beans (semi bush beans), and southern peas (black eyed bean and whipoorwill). This one’s the butter bean that seems to enjoy dancing in the sunlight. One cool fact about scarlet runner beans– they are both decorative and functional.

silver edged squash
For the first time, I’m growing winter squash (we have one summer squash too but it isn’t as impressive– i think there isn’t enough sunlight where it is). And pumpkins (jack o’ lantern and sugar pie). I may have to thin these out as the leaves are huge. really huge. This is like, 3 weeks after I planted the seeds.

But it isn’t all vegetables here–we have quite a few fruit trees and berry bushes.

June 9, 2010
blackberries just starting to get ripe…

raspberries coming out of their shell…

few blueberries
a few blueberries on our still young bush. i hope the birds don’t eat them all (you know it’s berry season when there’s decidedly purple stains on your car).

apple cluster
our apples are doing well, too. maybe we should have “pruned” a few apples, but it looks really impressive.

Is there anything in our garden that we can’t eat? Well, yes, the weeds…just kidding! We do have a variety of beneficial perennials, though those are taking their time to grow.

fragrant rose
I feel very lucky that we’ve moved to a house with fragrant roses. Those are unbelievably sweet-smelling, without the cliched cloyness of roses.

Daffodils in spring, lilies in summer. They grow no matter what you do to them (plant other things on top of them, put cardboard and mulch on top, etc).

Echinacea! Some of my favorite summer flowers- I love leaving the coneheads long after the petals are gone. Not to mention I get mesmerized by the perfect centers.

flower bokeh

Okay, there’s more, but I figure that should be enough for now. Til next time!

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2 Responses to garden report – 6/11

  1. Barbara says:

    Your garden is so well planned! A schedule and everything. Mine is all done by trial and error: choosing vegetables and herbs I’d like to use, and then seeing if they’ll grow. Planting them whenever, and wherever they fit. Surprisingly, most things are doing very well this year, which is encouraging after a string of disasters last year. Our garden soil is terrible, but I’m hoping a few more years of compost and manure will fix that, and then I can grow what I want, and not just the really hardy things.

  2. gracia says:

    Such a neat and ordered garden… you are sure to feast well as a result. Thanks for the green delight… and enjoy those apples and berries.

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