Front Porch: Summertime

June 17, 2010

Summer solstice here in Durham has started off with a blistering heat wave– temperatures here are predicted to be at least 95F. Laundry piles up as another piece of clothing gets wet, and nightly daily quick showers are a must for the sticky, heated skin. Mosquito bites are another summer custom, as is checking for ticks. Still, I enjoy checking on my garden every morning, and have picked berries for breakfast, as well as wondering in amazement at the sprawling pumpkin and squash vines. Sun tea is set in the thyme bed, on top of the warmed stepping stone, and is ready by the early afternoon, though we like to let it brew towards evening. My new favorite cooling dish is a bowl of frozen mango, slowly defrosted and melted in my mouth as I sit under the cooling fan and shade.

Despite the heat, humidity, and sheer energy of summer, I’m determined to make most of it. There’s quite a few quests going around, and here’s mine:
-make perfect cucumber pickles. I’ve done a fair amount of canning, but have never made cucumber pickles.

-find places in my town for the perfect sunset. Durham Central Park is a good one, especially if you look over the skateboard park, but the skyline of DPAC and ATC also works.

-make a summer movie list (one example being Roman Holiday).

-make a skirt/sundress.

-bike rides in form of long country rides or short cooling evening rides.

This is, of course, in addition to celebrating my birthday, going to ADF (4 shows), training for long bike rides (perhaps a century this year) and planning fall weekend getways. Yep, summer’s a busy time. Good thing it lasts until October here.

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3 Responses to Front Porch: Summertime

  1. marthasnail says:

    i like your summer plans. which ADF shows will you be seeing? we’re going to jacob’s pillow this year. hope you’ll post the summer movie list.

  2. gracia says:

    Love, love, love those yellow chairs. Happy summer dreaming to you.

  3. Lisa says:

    I cannot BELIEVE how long it’s been since I visited here — I’m really sorry. But I LOVE this post!!

    I made these fridge pickles last year and they were EXCELLENT:

    I used thyme and garlic — mmm. I don’t know how long they’ll last, since they’re not canned, but probably because they’re not canned, they’re super crunchy and delightful. I really want to experiment with lacto-fermented pickles (and other veggies!) but haven’t yet.

    Roman Holiday! I remember watching that one hot summer evening in Queens with an old friend, bowls of cheesy tortellini with fresh pesto and roasted cherry tomatoes on our laps.

    Have you made your movie list? You did make a dress!

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