Oy vey.

October 11, 2010

I am long overdue for a post. And a list or two.

Here’s what happened:

I celebrated my birthday.

Right after, my partner’s grandmother passed away. Her funeral was later that week.

It was exhausting and things seemed quiet for a while.

I worked in the garden instead of rinse, lather, repeat, it was harvest, can, repeat.

Sometimes I thought I was testing recipes for something called 100 ways to cook okra.

Tomato jam became my new favorite food.

We celebrated our 8 year anniversary.

We also went on a much-needed vacation in Madison, WI.

Just before we left for vacation, my grandmother had a massive brain hemorrhage.

On the last day of our vacation, I said goodbye to her on the phone (she has lived in S. Korea all her life).

She passed away shortly after that.

I couldn’t go to her funeral in Korea (it happened rapidly).

I did, however, go to NYC to greet my mom when she came back from Korea (it was my maternal grandmother. the only living grandparent I had).

I made it back home to Durham in time for my partner’s birthday.

I got sick with a very bad cold/infection that left me very tired.

I did, however, think a lot.

I started a new blog that is more food focused. Please welcome The Accidental Southerner.

This blog will still remain, maybe focusing more on books and life. I’m learning that I write more when there’s more of a focus.

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