[3/52]: 21 January 2011

January 16, 2010

Dear Reader,

I’m sorry for sounding so whiny, but whiny am I today. You would be, too, if you left a warm, nearly womb-like place, and came back into the cold, unforgiving world (okay, it is not really that unforgiving. It just seems that way).

I absolutely loved every moment of being at the spa. There was no chance of being cold, because if you ever got as much as a chill there was always the heated pool, roaring whirlpool, or the steam room. You got warm in an instant, just like that [snaps fingers], even without wearing much. It was a pleasure to go out and brave the elements, because you knew that you would come back to a nice long soak in a big, hot bath and immediately relax.

It was the best kind of indulgence I’ve had for a while. If I ever have to move someplace where it is winter six months of the year, I would want a steam room/hot tub as part of the contract.

We didn’t spend all our time being amphibians, though. Asheville has some great food joints, and we hit some of our favorites, Rosetta’s Kitchen in particular. It’s a vegan/vegetarian place, but it’s seriously good in a comfort-food way. There’s a dish called the family favorite, which is basically peanut butter tofu, mashed potatoes with vegan gravy, and sauteed kale. They were out of kale, but when we were eating, the delivery guy hauled up three gigantic crates of kale, and the folks in the line gave a big cheer normally reserved for basketball games. Then there’s the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, which I think is the best night spot in town, with its extensive drink and dessert menu, and then there’s Asheville Pizza and Brewing, which has heavenly pizza (soft, but not soggy crust) and really good beer (my favorite was the Stuntman Ale).

And the shopping. Oh the shopping. I was a very good girl and didn’t acquire another craft kit, though I may I have gotten some yarn for a lopi vest. I did, however, get a pair of skinny jeans, which surprised me because they seem to be a fad and I didn’t think it was really for me. I got them because 1) they actually looked good and 2) they were comfortable and 3) may work for our tandem bicycle (so I don’t have to roll up my pants cuffs). (And now you know how my fashion sense, or lack thereof, works.)

What else? I started and finished a few books. I’ve been reading iZombie by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred and like it so far. Castle Waiting Vol. II came out, and it is really great, and possibly more wickedly funny than the first volume– I highly recommend it if you like non-traditional fairy tales that are more in style of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (without actual vampires). If you are looking for it, it’s written by Linda Medley and can be found in your local comic bookshop (if you get both volumes, they make for great weekend reading). I started The Summer Book by Tove Jansson, which feels like poems in prose, and Dorothy Whipple’s Someone At A Distance, and I’m eager to finish them.

So what’s on the radar for the weekend? I think some actual knitting (there was none in that spa time- just didn’t work out), some garden planning, and possibly some more games of Carcassone (the current scoreboard is 3-1, in my favor). Sunday is Pie Day, so maybe there will be pie (or a jam tart…).


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