Wednesday Garden: 1 June 2011

This was two weekends ago, but today is like 98+ degrees out (the okra love it- they’re doubling in height everyday and I expect them to be 7 ft. tall by the end of this week). This season has been kind of weird and awesome for gardening vegetables- for the first time we have spring stuff like radishes, sugar snap peas, broccoli, and also zucchini, cucumbers, green beans. There’s also peaches and blueberries in season, already. My head is about to explode every time I go to farmers’ market…

But anyway, you came here for my garden. So here’s what we harvested (other than a million leaves of lettuce…maybe there will be a post dedicated to just lettuce once it is actually over (HA). Because of the slightly cooler weather in the spring, the carrots were doing really well. This may be the best batch of dragon carrots I’ve ever grown. They are such a pretty shade of mauve. There were also some carnival carrots thrown in (orange and ivory) but these didn’t germinate as well as dragon carrots.

Carrot Harvest

side view

Dragon Carrots

carrot hug

This is what happens when you don’t thin carrots. They grow up tied together in one big group hug.

En Garde!

Dragon Carrot Fan

This is me being silly because Mr. Yum was taking pictures. We collected some sugar snap peas and some of them were about to burst, so I took a few aside to dry for seeds. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to let them dry on the vine, but we need to remove the vines to make way for cucumbers, so drying them inside it was.


May 20, 2011

If you’re curious as to what we did with the peas and carrots, we ate peas raw and roasted the carrots with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. They were a great addition to the Thai food takeout we had that night. 🙂 There are no more carrots, but I still have some sugar snap peas…I think I may pickle them next.

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One Response to Wednesday Garden: 1 June 2011

  1. fiona says:

    thanks for posting, e – everything looks super gorgeous! we planted the same carrots, but with a late start and a very strange spring, who knows if they will do much of anything! i keep forgetting to bring my camera to get a shot — the tomatoes and cukes are growing, and the broccoli looks pretty good, and i think our kale has a shot. whether it all makes it to the next week or beyond is quite the mystery! i love finding the little buds just poking their way up through the soil. i have to say — seeing your photos (and yard) totally inspired me to start our first real garden this year!

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