[19/52] 3 June 2011

monarch butterfly

Dear Reader,

I hope your holiday weekend was a good one. Mine was awesome – a friend of mine came to visit and we went to a few gardens and the Museum of Life and Science. The highlight was the butterfly conservatory and you can see my photos in this set.

It was also revelatory-because I hadn’t realized how deep of a funk I’d been in for the past *embarrassed pause* three months. Mostly, it had to do with my gimpy leg (which made my favorite activities hurt) and a really bad cold, but it was also me. By me, I mean, I was good at making excuses and repeating the vicious cycle of doing nothing and feeling bad.

So this month I am going to stop letting fear of pain and of hurting myself dictate my life. If something hurts, let it hurt, and I’ll rest then, but not before. And if there are events going on, I am going to attend them, because they are worthwhile (and also, I’ve paid for them already. Nothing like paid tickets as an incentive!). Basically, I am going to make myself happy as much as possible.

And, I have a book to read! (I didn’t last week, and it was a weird, unhinged feeling like something was missing in my life). I joined Lendle and am happily devouring Mockingjay.

I also realized that I love having friends, and being able to talk to them, but I am *cough* terrible at keeping in touch (and most of them seem to be out of town). I am not really good at interacting with folks nearby, though I should. So, I think I’ll add a few things to my monthly to-do list: a board game night, and maybe a supper club. And I think I’m going to make this the summer of writing letters, so if you are interested in pen-pal-ing, let me know.

Okay. that’s all folks. Go have fun this weekend (we’re going to a fountain pen show).

Til then,

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