[20/52] 12 June 2011

June 12, 2011

Dear Reader,

Friday left me in a horrible, terrible, no- good mood, and I really wasn’t up for writing anything. Mostly I just wished I had a punching bag because I felt like hitting something. I hate being frustrated.

A glass of beer and a game of Scrabble later, I’ve been feeling a bit better. Instead of focusing on the negative things, I’m going to focus on the positives from this week.

1) Words with Friends rocks.  Would you believe I have never really played Scrabble in my childhood?

2) Our neighbor’s kid, who’s only 6, gets up early (6 am) so he can spend an hour reading books. He’s currently reading the Hobbit, and he’s already finished the entire Harry Potter series. Impressive, no?

3) It finally rained after 14 or so days of at least 90 degrees. It has maybe rained and stormed three times so far.

4) I have been in a jam-making and pickle-making groove. I consider this a very good thing.

5) I have decided that if I were going to run a summer book club, it would be all about YA fantasy, starting with the books listed in this YA fantasy showdown. 

6) ADF season has started, and we went to the opening gala, which was a lot of fun.

7) I get to see my dad this coming weekend for Father’s Day.

Yep. That should get me through. What are some of the things that get you through a bad day?

Til then,


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