November 3: New Girl

November 3, 2011
Eliza, the flying fair lady.

Dear Reader,

Today’s prompt: Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?

Uh, no. Well, technically, I can listen to music and write, but I can’t tell you what music it’d be because I don’t really know.

Maybe the music sounds more like “Ok, what do I have to do? What was I just going to write? Did I just write that? Delete! Let’s try it again…[insert long pause] Ahh, what’s on Pinterest?”


It’s more like Jess in New Girl, except a whole less adorkable and a lot more stressful/annoying 🙂 Oh and off-key.


Today was a see-the-dogs day. I make a calendar composed of my dog photos that I use for my other blog and since I got a big pile of them yesterday, I brought a bunch of them for volunteers/staff. For some reason, it makes me a little nervous. I have this weird vulnerability thing in which I am convinced that no one likes my dog photos and the calendar is horrible and no one will want it and what do you know, it sells out every year. I don’t know why I get this feeling every time, because this is the third time I’m making calendars and I’ve been taking dog photos a long time or too darn often (and judging from the comments and reactions, a lot of people seem to like them).

It makes yesterday seem like healthy ego day by comparison.

But anyway… the dogs. Out of 10 that I worked with, I think I want to take 4 of them home. That’s not too bad- it would have been much, much worse (like wanting to take ALL of them home. Now, that’s a zoo.) Out of these 4, 3 of them are bellyrub fans. The one that was not a bellyrub fan is displayed in the photo above- she’s more into toys and flying and doing acrobatics.

Then I came home after running an errand (yay sodastream refill!) and almost immediately went out to dinner…two blocks away. The food trucks were at the park and I had a calzone and a mug of hot chocolate (for my sore throat, which is all better now). Then I promptly fell asleep…

Til then,

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One Response to November 3: New Girl

  1. carolyn says:

    STOP. Right now. YOUR DOG PHOTOS ARE AWESOME. Crazy lady. I mean look at this photo! That has dog joy and love written all over it!!!!

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