November 5: Uhhh…

Dear Reader,

Apparently there is no prompt today. That’s all right, I didn’t need a kick in the pants for all the stuff I did today. Tomorrow’s the neighborhood artwalk, and I’m selling calendars there, so I was doing some prep, namely, baking cookies.

(Actually, I got some errands and chores out of the way first, then I baked cookies. Yes, I was that diligent.)

Here’s what I made:
November 5, 2011
I baked oatmeal raisin cookies. I’ve been using a recipe I had since college, and I swear it is the best oatmeal raisin cookie recipe.

world peace cookies
I also made world peace cookies. In my defense, I had to use up cocoa and I would have made dog biscuits anyway, but opted out of it this year due to a lot of people mistakenly assuming dog biscuits were for them.

hot pickled peppers
I also pickled hot peppers (serrano, jalapeno, pasila(?) lemon hot) and let’s just say that I learned two things: 1) open a window next time 2) do not do this and bake cookies at the same time. If your cookie was a little spicy, I apologize.

Then dinner and a long rest involving Water for Elephants (the movie). Why does everyone like beating up Cedric Diggory? Is there a way he can act without having some form of makeup on his face? 🙂

Tomorrow might be a little nuts. I’ll be at the artwalk but have to leave early to head to VA for a little celebration of sorts.

Ta-ta for now,

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