November 6: DST can suck it.

November 6, 2011
Someone who had a better time with DST than I did.

Dear Reader,

Today started auspiciously, with me waking up early and making a rather nice breakfast/brunch (it was at 7:30 am, so more like breakfast…felt like brunch). It was nice having a rather luxurious morning in which I got many things done, such as cooking brunch, walking the dog for a long time, packing for an evening trip, getting the house ready for petsitter.

Then I spent all afternoon at the neighborhood artwalk. It wasn’t that bad, except I got cold (damn shade) and because the time was later, the sun sank down faster (or so it seemed). By the time my partner got back from his bike ride and was ready to go, I hadn’t eaten anything since 9 am and it was uh, 4 pm (unless you count two world peace cookies and a thing of hot apple cider). So yah, crankypants time and also headache time.

So lesson learned:
1) Get someone to help with artwalk- take shifts. (A friend of mine who stayed with me for a few hours was a big help)
2) Dress warmly and sit in sun if at all possible.
3) Bring your own lunch.
4) Bring your own scotch (optional, but could’ve been handy today).

So right now, I feel like I have been staying up past my bedtime even though it’s only 11 pm. Bleah. Is there such a thing as a DST hangover?

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

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