November 12: Falling Asleep

November 12, 2011

Dear Reader,

Oops. I fell asleep before I could write this post- that’s what I get for putting this off to the last part of the day.

Saturday started early, with me going to Farmers’ Market, and then meeting Mr. Yum for brunch at Dain’s Place. Brunch is not a new thing for us, but having it at Dain’s is. The menu looks fabulous, and beer is allowed as well as other drinks (including my favorite, Harvey Wallbanger). The photo above is from brunch- Mr. Yum had chilaques and I had the grits bowl (two eggs and mushrooms, omitting the sausage).

I also forgot to mention that the boy may have acquired another bike- a folding one this time. It’s already coming in handy, as we split ways this morning, and he rode to meet me for brunch while I was at Farmers’ Market, and then we drove home together. It’s also nice having a bike that fits in the car nicely, like so:

We may have gotten a new member of the family.

We ran errands and one of them was a fruitless search for a mirror to replace the aging one on our bathroom door. We couldn’t find one that was the same exact size as the original, and we didn’t want to repaint the door to accommodate something slightly smaller or narrower, so we did something that was kind of funny. We turned it upside down- the top is definitely peeling/needs silvering, but the bottom was much clearer. In the process, we had to take the mirror out, and found that it was made in 1953 in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh, to be exact. That explains a lot.

Then I made dinner (mu shu vegetables, with local produce) and we settled in to watch some tv (bones, new girl). All in all a good day.


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