November 14: Starting to Prepare

November 14, 2011

Dear Reader,

So one of the things you should know about me, other than being a lousy blogger, is that I am a very firm believer of preparing. In fact, I believe that overpreparing is better than just preparing. In fact, I am just nuts and you should feel free to ignore me because none of this is really necessary- it’s just my way of dealing with having lots of folks over for Thanksgiving (10, I believe.)

Evidence #1:
I just started cleaning the oven using the baking soda method. I’ll also be cleaning the oven racks in the bathtub, even though there really is no need to do so. (To be fair, this is a pretty lazy method- all soaking and no scrubbing).

You also need to know that I am not cooking a turkey, so there really is no need for that. 🙂 I will, however, be doing a ton of baking and roasting.

Evidence #2:
I got a flu shot.

Okay, maybe that is not really overpreparing, it’s just caution. There are only going to be two little kids, though there is faint possibility I might be stuck with all the kids in town the day after T-giving.

Evidence #3:
I am drinking scotch from the low bottles just to have space for new scotch bottles.

I’m not even sure that’s overpreparing. I think that’s just… a necessity? 🙂

Evidence #4:
I almost bought two stuffing mixes to test before realizing that I do not need to test two stuffing mixes. Especially if I plan on making my own stuffing.

Evidence to the contrary:
See evidence #3. I am also knitting when I should be, I don’t know, doing something T-giving related (like what? brushing grout between tiles, when a majority of people are going to be staying at a nearby inn). I am also enjoying reading Mindy Kaling’s book because damn it, it is fun.

Tomorrow is another day…and the scotch is kicking in. Night!

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One Response to November 14: Starting to Prepare

  1. lauren says:

    ohh thanks for the link to the baking soda method!

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