November 15: Recovering

November 15, 2011
The boy fixed breakfast for me because I was feeling that bad. Sweet of him, no?

Dear Reader,

so you know that flu shot I talked about yesterday? guess who has aches and major fatigue like her body is wrecking havoc all over?

*raises hand*

So between naps (I was getting dizzy) I managed to:
-test a stuffing mix (big no to packaged stuffing)
-make kimchi
-go out and have burritos
-wipe oven twice
-wipe oven racks (yes, oven cleaning is all done! next is fridge…gulp)
-made more thanksgiving preparations that were all about order forms 🙂
-started and finished Roam by Alan Lazar (what can I say, dog stories are like chicken soup for me)
-probably did far too much for someone who was supposed to take it easy.

With that, my body is asking me why I insist on torturing it, so off to bed I go.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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