November 17: seething and recovering

what? do you want me to love you?

Dear Reader,

sorry this one’s late. I had a rant all ready, and then realized that I didn’t really want to publish it. Not because it would be boring or argumentative or provocative, but because in the course of writing the rant, I discovered what made me rant-y was bothering me to the point where my day was already colored in a negative manner.

And I did not like it one little bit. Someone casually made a very dismissive comment related to the work I do at the shelter. It’s one thing if a comment is made out of pure ignorance; it’s another if another one is made out of willful ignorance to the point of lying. It makes me despair about EVER changing that person’s mind, and there are times when I wonder why I bother.

But I don’t like feeling this way, and I resent that person for making me feel that way, and I thought about it and decided that next time it happened, I would do something nice for someone else, to make sure that they knew that their world was not just filled with people like that, but that the world could be filled with hope, too. Sometimes it’s a hug, a compliment, a cupcake, a free lunch, but whatever it is, it never hurts. Call it my act of revenge for having my day partially ruined.

Me? I treated myself to a nice dinner that involved cherry gin and a toffee custard.

Nove,ner 17, 2011

Til tomorrow,

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One Response to November 17: seething and recovering

  1. carolyn says:

    I’m sorry you had to deal with this crap! I am super proud of and inspired by the work you do at the shelter. and look at that lovely puppy face. I think (s)he’s happy you do it too!

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