December 1, 2011

December 1, 2011

Dear Reader,

I’m going to do something crazy- I know I haven’t been good at nablopomo (stopping at 18? 19? days) but I’m going to blog, more or less, everyday again as a countdown to solstice (December 22 if you’re curious). I really enjoy celebrating the shortest day of the year, and as a way to count off the days, I’m going to propose a small project of sorts. (It’s also good for distracting yourself from the coming dread of darkness).

Today’s project:
Make a calendar, even a pretend one, of your photos throughout the year. If you’re on Flickr, you can see photos by month. If you’re not a daily-ritual photographer, look at your journal or write down what you remember as most memorable for that month. You can use December 2010 to fill in for this month. Basically, look back over the year, the ups and downs, the goods and bads.

I really, really like doing this every year- and it makes me appreciate doing a-year-in-pictures project, even though the photos are more or less the same: food I’ve made, dogs I’ve worked with, gardening/what’s in bloom, nature shots. It also has made me realize that there are very few shots of crafts I’ve done, or that I’ve not done much of them. I should rectify that soon.


So, I do have a Thanksgiving story to tell you, to make up for my absence. It went very well, actually. I do recommend lots and lots of advance preparations- and I learned a lot about what can and cannot go into freezer (it helped that we got a new freezer a few weeks before the big event). Also, if you’re living in a house for two and not really used to having lots of people over, it helps to have most of them at a very nice inn, preferably with a good breakfast. It might sound cheesy, but not having to make breakfast (and coffee) for 10 people first thing in the morning is a very good thing. Especially if you are the one making Thanksgiving supper!

The actual feast went very well. We started with a Reliable Cheese platter, which everyone loved. Then we sat for the meal and just ate. And ate. And relaxed. And ate. Rinse, lather, repeat.

you better not eat all the rolls!

Then we hung out/cleaned up/took nap/digested for a while.

Logan, Kelsey, Will

(ok, some of us played).

At this point, none of us had dessert, and I think we were all pretty full. So we went for a bike ride, which was perfect because Mr. Yum and I really like giving tours of our town.

our bicycle pack

It was what we just needed. And the town was very quiet, being closed for the holiday. Then there was PIE. Five of them and a big bowl of whipped cream.

Pie Palette

You can tell we are very serious pie people. Because we had pie for DINNER (Thanksgiving was technically a “big lunch.”) No one minded. 🙂

it's hard to be serious eating pie.

Then it was time for bed!

The next day…the weather was ridiculously nice. The whole weekend was in 70s. Some of us biked to Museum of Life and Science.

logan and the dinosaur

Some of us had close encounters with a dinosaur.

the friendly dinosaur

I meant to add “several” to that sentence. Several encounters AND several dinosaurs.

Kelsey looks up at the bronto

There were also bears…



Butterfly house

very nonchalant lemurs…


camouflaged wolves…

Red Wolf

and some other exhibits involving a sleepy groundhog, mechanical train sets, and much more. I think we were an exhibit ourselves:

November 25, 2011

That took all day. To decompress, there might have been beer. Lots of beer.

Our selections for the night.

I might have found a new beer buddy. Beer buddies are always good to have.

Logan and a glass of beer taller than his head

Next day, the guests left.

November 26, 2011

It was so weird not having so many people in our house. Despite the energy and effort, I do enjoy spending time with my family. It’s a contradictory thing, but also mostly positive. We were planning on a nice Sunday of relaxing and maybe riding our bikes…

November 28, 2011

when Mr. Yum got hit by a bad stomach virus. And I mean really bad. Then he got better. And just when I was looking forward to things going back to normal (and celebrating December)…

November 30, 2011

Sigh. I bumped into a pole hard enough to cause that much damage. My only consolation is, after looking at the base of pole, that I’m probably not the only one. But oh, what a pain, and what a week of bad karma.

So if you see Murphy anywhere, please tell him he’s no longer welcome at my house.


Thanks for reading this far!

p.s. some of my favorite first-of-december posts: Yarn Harlot and this breathtaking video of Aurora Borealis (via Dances With Wool)

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