December 4, 2011

December 4, 2011
2 things NC grows very well.

Dear Reader,

Today’s project: Have an incongruous experience.

My example from today: a mexican chocolate milkshake, shared and sipped during the drive home, with the car heater going full blast. It reminded me of cold winters in Boston, in which the only thing colder would be having an ice cream cone at either Toscanini’s or Herell’s. Vienna finger cookie. Grape nut. Oreo. Wort. (yes, wort. It’s what makes beer slightly caramellized/sweet- kind of like Duck Rabbit Milk Stout but less sweet than that, even.)


In other narcissistic news, I absolutely love my new skirt. It’s made out of wool/cotton/flax and it’s quite warm and very cozy.

my winter walking outfit

It goes well with my relatively new (well, new this year) jacket.

new favorite winter outfit

It’s also easy to dress up into a festive outfit.

side view

And best of all, it’s very bikeable. Because of its slightly poofy structure, it doesn’t flip up as often when I ride my bike. Yay for warmer legs!

Okay, bedtime. Til tomorrow!


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