December 8, 2011

December 8, 2011

Dear Reader,

I’m a little anxious because I’m going to be traveling, starting tomorrow, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to tend to this blog. I’m going to try, but bear with me if I disappear for the next 4 days.

Today’s projec
t is well, prepare for winter. It might be collecting firewood, it might be wearing a thick robe, or in my case, shoeshining my winter shoes.

For the next few days? The project is up to you. Some suggestions:
– keep track of how much daylight is left (this is more scary if you live somewhere like Finland, where there are only 3 hours of daylight so far!)

– find some coloring sheets and color. No, really. Dover Publications usually sends out free samples and they make great coloring sheets. Or, if you don’t have crayons, draw. The whole point is to detach yourself and be meditative while watching things unfold. 🙂

– do something nice for someone, or at least make them smile.

Okay, it’s way past my bedtime (2 am. eek!). Hopefully, I’ll be back with lots of photos and stories.

Take care,

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