December 18, 2011

December 18, 2011

Dear Reader,

Yes, it is ten days since my last post! There’s something about travel that distorts sense of time (and perception) and then there’s the slump afterwards.

Then, to deal with the slump, because I tend to overthink during the slump, I got busy. Maybe a little too busy.

But now things are mostly done (aka baked, tied, mailed, fingers crossed), I’m ready to sit down and think again without the danger of going into a deep slump or driving myself crazy.

Let’s start where I left off, shall we? I went to what I like to call “The Big City” to visit my parents. I would have loved to have them visit me instead, because it’s quieter here and we now have enough bakeries to constitute a very serious pastry tour (same could be said of breweries). Unfortunately, my dad is tied up with a project that has the unrealistic but hopeful deadline of end of the year, and he couldn’t get time off (and even if he did, being out of town was not really an option). So I hopped on a plane and spent some time with them.

Some of my favorite moments:
-eating at The Oyster Bar. It’s really beautiful in terms of architecture and the food is quite good.

-all the korean food I ate. I think it’s one thing I always look forward to.

-chocolate babka french toast.

-watching and sharing a sunset at Cold Springs Harbor.

-acres of trees on a curvy, hilly road. Must’ve been beautiful in the fall.

-watching many, many Korean soap operas. It’s a habit that’s hard to explain. Also, sword dances.

So, I’ve been very, very bad with this whole countdown thing, but here’s what I’ve done so far:
1- spend time with family (make your own family if you cannot stand yours)
2- bake cookies. If you don’t like cookies, bake some alternative.
3- Give some of those cookies away.
4- Light a candle. Or two. (Tonight’s my neighborhood luminary)
5- Finish my holiday shopping, so I can do more holiday making.
6- Watch a holiday movie. (I like Love Actually)
7- Mail presents, visit old and new local shops, and get at least four dog kisses on the way.

4 more days until solstice! Here we go!


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