[3/52] January 22, 2012


Dear Reader,

The week was slow. If last week was denial that I was very sick, this week was acceptance that with sickness comes a very slow re-entry to the world.

So let’s move on to the weekend, shall we?

January 20, 2012
Short bike ride (my first in maybe a week) to lunch.

January 21, 2012
tea and toast for a very rainy day (glad I got that bike ride in!)

Bell's Hopslam
Imbibed Bell’s Hopslam (that sold out at our local beer store in like 45 minutes). Also, finished all levels of W.E.L.D.E.R. It’s all about small victories.

January 22, 2012
short ride to a friend’s birthday brunch.

Bundled up.
Winter finally came, sort of. It’s going back to being 60 tomorrow.

sunday dinner
Sunday dinner and scrabble (I lost).

Here’s to a more regular (and easier) week!


P.S. Links you might enjoy:
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Loved this article about finding a photographic voice.

Sherlock Holmes comes to PBS in May. And BBC has confirmed a third season…

Nellie Bly is one kickass hbic.

This is very sweet.

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