[10/52] April 10, 2012

March 27, 2012

Dear Reader,

Apparently I have problems with consistency. I actually had a post for last time, but I didn’t publish it because I didn’t finish it. And the truth is, I didn’t feel like finishing it. Then I took a week off in which I allowed myself to stop thinking about blogging, or worrying about it, or feeling guilty about it, and the post never really got finished.

There are times when I wonder if I’ll ever get comfortable with blogging. There’s a difference between writing and blogging- I can always write, but I don’t always blog (i.e. show my writing to the wide world). Because blogging is so public, I feel like I should restrict myself to most mundane of subjects, you know, the non-religious, non-political, non-flamewar-starting kind. I also try to limit whining and complaining (though if I should complain, I try to rant in a reasonable manner).

Anyway. I think it’s the final “publish” button that makes it hard. I was talking to someone about programming and writing the other day– we were talking about how rare it is that anyone can write/program elegant, concise, simple things, and how it is often easier to just churn out things, elegance be damned (quality vs quantity). Maybe I should stop thinking about the quality of my posts and just go for quantity and see how that goes. There is no shortage of books, gardening, and crappy drivers in my life, after all… 🙂

Anyway, I’m going to finish that post, and write a new one about my week off.

If you do not like reading about allergies or listening to a rant, please skip this following post…

Yes, I am still suffering from allergies. Yes, I still have to resist strong urges to take the Great American Nap (TM). Sometimes I’m good and I get to go to bed early. Sometimes I’m not and stay up until 3 am. This usually results in depression and self-loathing (I hate waking up past 9, unless I have partied all night- not that I do that- but if I am going to stay up all night, I would like to get things done other than just trying to sleep fruitlessly).

It’s gotten so bad that I am contemplating going off allergy medications next week. After all, the oak season is more or less over…unless it is a fact that oak blooms twice (please let this not be true).

However, I have found some things that help with allergies. Going to the gym actually makes the allergies vanish- I don’t know if it’s the endorphin effect or the nice air filters that the gym has- but for about 30-45 minutes I get relief. I’d much rather have sweat and sore muscles than itchy, runny eyes and a drippy nose and really loud sneezes that scare even my dog. Oddly, going to the university library helps too (maybe it’s all the air filters they use for the books). So I’m trying to go to the gym everyday and “work” at the library…if only my mornings were a bit more peaceful..

So to get myself out of this allergy-related funk, I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction. Some of it is self-help, some of it are memoirs. Here’s a short list:

1. David Allen’s Getting Things Done- always a good book to re-read/skim every year. Good for getting that long list of spring cleaning out of the way.

2. Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection – I think this one is going to be on my re-read list as well. The best introduction to her work is her TED talk.

3. Cheryl Strayed’s Wild – I got this as soon as it came out and I haven’t regretted it. There’s a reason for all the acclaim- it’s painfully honest, gritty, funny, and very, very human. I was at the gym when I read the part about her mother’s death, because I was going to cry- it was that painful. There’s also a certain amount of horrified fascination on my part (why would anyone ever do this? because they can?) and a small dose of envy (you can hear rattlesnakes! not that there’s much comfort in that…). It also made me realize that I need to take more personal retreats.

4. Kristin Kimball’s The Dirty Life – there are so many stories in this book- it’s a love story, it’s a marriage story (if you consider marriage as living with each other while trying not to kill each other), it’s a beginnings-of-a-farm story, it’s got so many good little bits, such as not feeding cow cabbage (or at least not drinking the milk afterwards), or how hornworms are simultaneously beautiful and evil at the same time. It’s a great book to read during spring.

April 10- An update about allergies- I did go off allergy medicine and my mornings have been easier. Then again, I was having a different schedule and the allergies weren’t very heavy outside (for example, there were a lot of summer thunderstorms). Yesterday, though, was quite bad- it seems that wind wrecks havoc on my immune system. So I tool a bendaryl, and yup, zombie mornings. Oh well. It’ll pass…

til next time,

P.S. If you like animals and could use some cheering up, here’s two links from the different ends of the spectrum:
Animals Being Dicks: funny, silly site about animals being, well, dicks
Zooborns: cute baby animals.

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